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Online sales policy

Pacific Energy Fireplace Products Online Sales Policy

Why buying a Fireplace On-Line is No Bargain!

Beware of on-line deals on fireplaces and wood stoves. The following are facts that on-line vendors of fireplaces and stoves don’t want you to know.

Your home has unique installation, venting and heating requirements that only an authorized dealer can determine. Home owners expose themselves to hidden costs, poor appliance operation and risk of damage and fire by purchasing fireplaces on-line and using inexperienced installers.

On-line dealers rarely offer technical support or service for the products they sell. They will try to deflect you to the manufacturer for technical support or warranty work.

Many manufacturers will not register, authorize service, nor honor the warranty of a product that has been purchased outside of their trained dealer base, as installation and use cannot be determined.

Many local dealers will not service a fireplace they did not sell, again because they are unwilling to assume responsibility for the original installation.

There are strict regional and national regulations and codes that apply to the installation of wood and gas burning products. Failure to comply, including not using certified installers, may void the home owner’s insurance.

There is no guarantee that all necessary parts, venting and instructions will be received with products purchased on-line.

Only a Pacific Energy Dealer is authorized to sell, support and service your Pacific Energy Fireplace. Authorized dealers are trained to anticipate your installation needs, and ensure that you get many years of enjoyment out of your Pacific Energy purchase.

No Pacific Energy dealer is authorized to sell you product via the web, or to ship you their product outside of their respective selling region. This ensures that you have on-going access to trained technical support.

See our Visit a Showroom page here to find the very best deals on Pacific Energy fireplaces, through your local authorized Pacific Energy dealer or distributor.